The Right Fitness Sequence In Weight Lifting Exercises

The Right Fitness Sequence In Weight Lifting Exercises

In addition to building muscle work, weight training is also useful to cut weight, of course when you do that according to the rules of Health and Fitness and also consistent. Scientific facts show that every 10 years the metabolism of the human body decreases in function and becomes slower at about 3%. When entering this age then the volume of muscle gradually shrink and the formation of body fat will increase. Naturally when in old age, the body even grew fat.

So that does not happen then it is important to start practising fitness today, of course, with the right fitness sequence. One type of fitness that can be done is by weight training. A number of studies say that practising the burden in 3 months regularly for about 15 to 20 minutes every day with an intensity of 2 to 3 times a week can increase muscle mass to 1.4 kilos. Weight training will speed up the body’s metabolism by 7 percent while supporting calorie burning of 105 calories per day.

Here is the right fitness sequence in a weight-bearing exercise that can be tried:

– Use the appropriate weight load
Lightweight weights can not provide optimal pressure on the muscles to obtain maximum results. But do not also lift the weight too heavy because of the chance of injury. Choose the weight of the load adjusted to the body’s ability.

– Do it slowly
Weight training with rapid movement can lead to injury and even will not effectively train strength because muscle body also needs to adapt first. Lift the load approximately 2 while 4 seconds is the time to put the load.

– Respiratory setting
The wrong breath when practising the load will cause the movement to be difficult and will even interfere with blood pressure. The truth is to exhale when lifting weights, then take a breath while lowering the load.

– Plan the right training schedule
Weight training schedules should be well organised and routine. Make in detail the example of Monday chest muscle exercises, Wednesday exercises the leg muscles, Thursday exercises the back muscles and so on. Avoid weight training within a week without rest.

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